Cruise from Gili / Lombok To Flores (Labuan Bajo) during this 4 days Boat Trip that will carry you to incredible snorkeling spots and remoted beach.

Only 150$

(Include 2 Nights at La Boheme Bajo on arrival)

Departure 08.30am (From Lombok)

Fequency : Wednesday and Saturday.


If you are wondering what to do after your stay in Gili or how to join Komodo Islands from Bali and Gili, we have the answer ! Get into the cruise you have always dreamed of. Here is the what you will see over this 4 Days Trip.

Day 1. Lombok (KAYANGAN HARBOUR, East Lombok) – Kanawa Island – Gili Bola (overnight) 

To begin, all guest will be asked to register at the meeting point from 08.30 am until 10.00 am. Afterwards, guests will take a shuttle from Bangsal Harbour to Kayangan Harbour (3 hours by bus). The cruise will truly start with the boat departure from Kayangan Harbor at 12.00pm-13.00pm (after lunch) and the Captain will then sail to Kanawa Island (Sumbawa) & Gili Bola Island. 

Day 2. Moyo Island

Feel the sun shine reflection from Sun Rise wake you up. Enjoy fresh Indonesian breakfast or continental breakfast then start to explores Moyo Island – Snorkeling and Jungle Trek. This trek last approximately 2 hours long, which give you time to explore Moyo Island, see its flora, fauna, enjoy a swim in fresh water river, see some waterfalls, before going back to the boat to enjoy lunch services by the incredible crew.
Next step, MEDANG Island before sailing to Gili Laba Island (17 hours non stop sailing with overnight sailing)


On our journey, we will make stops at some of the most beautiful beach and best snorkeling spots of Indonesia like the famous Manta Point. Of course, you will have the chance to swim and snorkel with manta, lot of different fish species, marine life and colorful corals.
After that, we will head to the Pink Beach. From the boat the view of this special beach and incredible color is spectacular. The Captain will drop anchor for some snorkeling time and later on head to Kalong Island for the sunset, surrounded by hundreds of flying foxes. The 3rd night will be on the boat.


As you probably know (and that is for sure one of the reason you are traveling there) Komodo Island is known for its famous Komodo Dragons (varanus komodoensis). In order for you to see them, a hike on the Island with Rangers is organised. During this trek, you will have the chance to see the Komodo Dragon and many other wild animals like deers, buffaloes, horses, king cobra and may others.
All guest will then return to the boat for lunch break. Before heading to our last stop, Labuhan Bajo harbor, in west Flores, we will make a last stop at Kelor Island for Snorkeling and fishing. Once arrived the staff from La Boheme Bajo will pick you up from the harbour.


* KOMODO CRUISE  – Include 2 Nights on arrival at La Boheme Bajo or La Boheme Sister depending on the way you travel. All breakfast, lunch, diner, drinks (water, coffee, tea) are included in the package.


Kanawa Island

Gili Bola (Bedil Island)

Moyo Island

Mendang Island

Gili Laba (Gili Lawa)

Manta Point Komodo

Pink Beach (Pantai Merah)

Kalong Island

Komodo Island

Kelor Island

Labuan Bajo

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